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Koi Pond Contractor In Orange County California

At Orange County Koi Ponds, our aim to be the best Koi Pond Contractor & Repair Services In Orange County California. Our focus is to create a customer purchasing experience, complemented with top quality koi pond products. Providing top quality koi pond craftsmanship services, our personal goal to our customers is to create their desired low maintenance custom water feature. Being voted one of the top Koi Pond Builders in Orange County, we'd like you to take a moment to watch some of our videos and go through our photos to discover more options & see the craftsmanship that goes into our customer's properties. At Orange County Koi Ponds, our Koi Pond Repair Services are backed by over 30 years of experience to help our customers gain the best results! Wether you may be looking for an Koi Pond Contractor or Koi Pond Services, our team can handle any results that you may need. We are licensed, bonded and insured. We would like to earn your business. Give us a call today and we'll be able to help you with any Koi Pond Repar & Koi Pond Services that you may need!

Koi Pond Contractor Orange County

Koi Pond Contractors Orange County


Koi Pond Services Orange County California

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Koi Pond Repair
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Koi Pond Builders
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Koi Pond Contractor
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Does your Koi Pond need Pond Repairs? We provide Koi Pond Repair, Waterfall Repair, Water Fountain Repair, Commercial Pond Repair, Pond Filtration Repair, and even Pondless Waterfall Repair! We are a locally located Koi Pond Company In Orange County California. Give us a call!


Is your backyard in need of a Custom Koi Pond? Has it been sitting a "dead space" in your lifestyle? We build custom koi pond waterscapes for all types of properties. We can remove and replace any existing Koi Pond with your desired results! We are OC's Custom Koi Pond Builders. Give us a call!


When was your last Koi Pond tuneup? Have you been wondering but not sure if your koi pond is operating smoothly? Have one of our Pond Contractors visit & provide your with a full Koi Pond Inspection on your pond, water filtration, plumbing, electrical, koi pond plants & you koi fish's health. Call now!


Are you searching for Koi Pond Services? We provide all type of Koi Pond Repair Services. Our team is one of the best in Southern California in building Backyard Koi Ponds. Our pond services are unique to each customer's needs. Give one of our local Koi Pond Experts a call today! We can help you!

Koi Pond Contractor Orange County California

With over 30 years of providing Koi Pond Services, we aim for excellence with each of our clients. Our experienced Koi Pond Contractors are thoroughly experienced, equipped and skilled in their craft. At Orange County Koi Ponds, we are a fully operating Koi Pond Repair & Custom Koi Pond Builders Company with all the needed tools and equipment to complete any Custom Koi Pond & Repair! We pride our selves on providing our customers with a complete Koi Pond Service experience, complemented by longevity quality products beyond any kind of Koi Pond Contractors in Orange County California. We do complete Koi Pond Repairs, Waterfall Repair, Commercial Pond Repair and even Custom Koi Pond Upgrades such as Custom Waterfalls, Water Plants, Turtles & complete backyard makeovers. If you'd like to make sure your Backyard Pond is working properly, give us a call for any Koi Pond Maintenance needs! Don't make the common mistake most orange home owners do with their backyard ponds. We provide 24 hour turn around koi pond services on select koi pond requests. Our customers & their Koi are important to us. If you are looking to have your koi pond inspected, need Koi Pond Repair Services or simply looking to get new orange Koi Fish for your new koi pond, then give us call!



Customer Testimonials

"We called OC Koi Ponds to clean out the pond and install a new waterfall, add new fish and add some new plants. Was a smooth experience and they are maintaining the pond twice a month. We are very satisfied with their services. Thank you guys!"

"They are like a koi pond landscape masters. This is our 2nd home, so when I got back after two week of being in vegas, MAN! If you want something quality and looks just like as if you had an amaerican-japanese koi pond backyard, these guys are the place to call!"

"We sent photos to dave so he can see what we needed done and we also sent some koi pond photos of what we'd like that we found on google images. He and his team came out, and installed an eco friendly system. My mom is in love with the final product. She drinks her tea and reads her books every morning by the pond now!"

Pond Contractor Services Orange County California

It is often that many neglect koi pond maintenance services until they experience damage or malfunctioning parts. Avoid having to experiencing any Koi Pond Repair or replacements by simply keeping your koi pond maintained! If your koi pond has been sitting for over a year, we recommend at the least purchase a koi pond maintenance inspection. Water lines, filtration, or even electrical malfunction can often lead to unexpected damage. We also recommend to make sure that your koi pond does not have any pond leaks or cracks. A koi pond leak can cause thousands in damages or worse. We are here to help Ornage County Koi Pond Repair Services. Orange County Koi Ponds is a local family, ran & operated company. There are many customers who have encountered koi pond damages that could have been prevented from a simple maintenance inspection. Please don't neglect your fish's safety by trying to save a few pennies. Give us a call and email us a photo of your pond as we'll be able to give it a glance to make sure you and your family are okay. Give us a call!


Koi Pond Repair Orange County

Koi Pond Repair Orange County

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